January 2022

How we helped this e-Commerce brand grow from $261,000 per month to $370,000 per month

We started working with this brand at the beginning of October. During October we slowly started to scale up to prepare them for November and December. During these 2 months the brand did $654,000 in revenue, with the peak being $35,000 on black Friday. We then scaled heavily during January.


* Facebook Media Buying * Advertising Copy * Creative Inputs * Landing Page Design


Facebook, Instagram


System Wide ROAS


Revenue generated since working with us

Where we started

After auditing the account we quickly realized what needed to be done.

  • Improved Creatives
  • Better account structure
  • Improved Landing Page


After setting up our account structure we started to focus heavily on testing. With a clear executed testing structure we were able to find new winning creatives which we were able to scale up significantly.

The new creatives then allowed us to scale our scaling campaigns up to $5,000 per day.

In the process we noticed that the landing page could also need a new look to help with conversion rate. We then designed a new landing page which resulted in $20 cheaper CPA's for the client.


  • Over US$2M in revenue generated
  • Over $800K in ad spend
  • Millions of new people reached

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