Outdoor Brand
August 2020

How we helped an outdoor brand raise over $130,000 for it's Kickstarter Camapign

This outdoor brand launched a new Kickstarted campaign with a great innovative product. We were able to increase the brand owners' ad performance heavily which resulted in over $130,000 in revenue. The campaign is still running on IndieGoGo to this date.

What We Did

Provided with a great video for the product we improved targeting, ad copy, and headline which resulted in a drastic improvement in performance.


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Result 1

People reached

Result 2

Revenue Generated

Project Overview

With a great video provided by the brand owner, and an already successful Kickstarter campaign which reached it's goal after 24 hours, we were challenged to improve these great results.

  • Set up new testing campaign with new creative ideas
  • Finding new targeting groups
  • Setting up retargeting campaigns


We started by comparing new ad copy and headline ideas against the ones which were already running. We quickly realized that some of our headlines were outperforming the previous running ones by quite a bit.

We decided to create new prospecting campaigns with animproved headline, ad copy and targeting groups. Revenue imrpoved.


The Kickstarter campaign took off. Generating over $100,000 alone on Kickstarted the brand owner decided to open a new project on IndieGoGo to keep generating revenue. The campaign is still running to this day.

  • $130,000+ in revenue generated
  • 13% Higher Outbound Click Through Rate
  • 3M+ people reached

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